October 2, 2022

Fix Your iPhone After Water Damage

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While your phones are quite an essential product in our day-to-day life, we cannot handle them getting damaged. iPhone repair are expensive and have costly hardware pieces, and thus, these need to be handled with utmost care and caution. But what if they fall off in water or your sink and get damaged.

It is quintessential to note that while it might not always happen, sometimes, a little water can also easily damage them. If you face any such issue ever, you can look for iPhone water damage repair Perth and avail services from them economical rates.

We have provided you with certain guidelines for protecting your phone from damage.  


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Turn off iPhone:

While you pick your phone up from the water damage mobile repair immediately after it falls, we advise you not to go for checking the phone at that instant. Instead, you should turn your phone off immediately; otherwise, it would cause more problems. Water causes the circuit board to short out, so it is such a concern for phones. The chances of your phone short-circuiting are lower if you switch it off immediately.

Remove the iPhone case:

If your iPhone is covered with a phone case, you need to remove it immediately to get rid of the water that has been trapped within it.

Tilt your phone and Remove the SIM:

Nothing should be plugged into the lightning or headphone connectors. To encourage liquid to fall out, tilt your iPhone so the port faces down and lightly tap it.

Your iPhone might still have some liquid inside even though it appears dry from the inside, and thus you need to eject the SIM. Remove the SIM card and dry it thoroughly. Remove the SIM tray from your iPhone to create a vent, which will aid in evaporating the liquid within.

Dry the moisture from the exterior:

Use a towel to dry off the exterior of the phone, so that it absorbs all the moisture. But refrain from using any heater or dryer to dry the insides of the phone since there can be other issues when your phone heats up.

Follow the Rice Hack:

Before moving for an iPhone water damage repair Perth, you need to dry out the water inside to turn the phone on. For this, you would need to follow a simple hack of putting your phone in a bag of rice and closing it will help drain the water. You can soak it for 24 hours or even more, dependent on the amount of water you presume has been filled inside.


You can always go for iPhone water damage repair Perth, but you need first to ensure preliminary precaution. We are sure that these hacks would majorly help you save your iPhone from water damage, but if the damage is more, you need to schedule an appointment and get your iPhone repaired.  

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