October 2, 2022

Free Templates for Letterpress Business Cards With Backgrounds!

letterpress business cards

letterpress business cards

The necessity of letterpress business cards these days is dwindling with the rise of smart phones. All relevant contacts are held in electronic address books, with detailed descriptions of the person and which service they provide, from electricians to taxi companies. However, when you are in the throws of a networking event or larger corporate event you might want to give the phones a rest (good manners) and hand your information over while engaging with them instead of staring at your mobile. With the phone number and email supplied with your card you get a personal connection with your contact.

If you want to get your hands on some quality letterpress business cards then head down to The Business Card Factory to buy yourself 100, 1000 or 5000 cards! All our printing is high quality lithographic to bring you the clearest possible reproduction of your design.

If you are in need of a template to help you build your design upon, then download this free business card template. As for templates with backgrounds then have a visit to this exceptional free flyer template site, that caters not just for different sizes of leaflets, but also for letterpress business cards. They have a couple of high resolution backgrounds that can serve as an effective base when making you own card.

letterpress business cards
letterpress business cards

Cheap Letterpress Business Cards Printing

Business Card Printing in Australia is vital for any business. The impact your business card can make can be as important as it shows how seriously you take your corporation.

A low priced business card may save one or two Dollar when you purchase them, just how much money are they COSTING you should they turn potential prospects off, and they decide not to deal with you?

400gsm is the best card to make use of for a printed business card. If you have full colour on this card, it quickly impresses absolutely everyone you hand it to.

Cost effective business card printing in the Australia from Australian Business card printer can be delivered in 2-4 business days.

We also supply many graphic designers, affiliates and print brokers who are searching for quality letterpress business cards for clients.


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