June 28, 2022

It’s Never Too Late to Begin Strength Training! You are not Too Old for This

Unfortunately, as we age we experience the loss of muscle mass called sarcopenia. From the age of 30 onward, we can lose anywhere from 30%-50% of our muscle strength. In addition, the aging process has been shown to reduce our metabolic rate. When you lose your strength, it makes it more difficult to remain active, eventually leading potentially to inactivity as you age. Of course, our current lifestyle of sitting in front of a computer and/or TV, will truly speed up the loss of muscle and increase body fat faster than the aging process.

Losing muscle mass…This is nothing to ignore. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!

At the mere mention of strength training, people become intimidated. This doesn’t mean you need to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Often older adults are more likely to become motivated to begin a healthier lifestyle, if they think their health is at risk. Don’t wait until then, if you don’t begin or work on staying physically active your health and mobility will surely decline. This is where resistance training (weight lifting) and functional strength training (to perform everyday activities safely) comes in.

gyms in allentown pa
gyms in allentown pa

Benefits of Strength Training. Strength, balance and improved body composition.

It can improve your movement control giving you functional independence improving your ability to do day to day tasks, cognitive abilities, makes you feel stronger and increase your self-esteem and confidence, walking speed, reduce your blood pressure, enhance cardiovascular health, lower body fat, and decrease chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

How do I begin?

If you are looking to begin to improve your health or accelerate your results, we can help you focus on the areas you need most help with. By incorporating resistance training to your cardio, you will quickly see the difference. We place our members at the proper training level in relation to their goals, limitations, and concerns. Our Functional Movement Screen ensures the best programming for your individual fitness level and goals. gyms in allentown pa offer small group/personal training sessions of 1-4 individuals and larger group training classes.

Forward Thinking Fitness offers the latest, cutting-edge technology to provide an accurate view of your body composition progress.

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