June 27, 2022

Proteins for athletes? What is the Best

whey protein

The specific exercises of strength and lifting of weights, are one of the great allies when it comes to increase your muscle mass and improve in those sports in which you enjoy so much. This type of exercises together with a protein-rich food source, such as meat proteins, are the key to continuous progress in sports.

Not only athletes specialized in strength and power are the only ones that focus their attention on protein consumption. Also athletes and endurance athletes, such as swimmers, runners or cyclists, take protein into consideration as a complement to their carbohydrate-rich food source.


Now, when should we take our protein complex?

This question has generated debate for a long time. Should they be taken before the exercise is developed, for the body to take advantage of the protein source, or right after to repair and rebuild the muscles?

Let’s analyze each specific case of protein intake for athletes.

– Before exercising:

By ingesting proteins just before exercising, we give the body enough time to assimilate the nutrients and get the protein synthesis done more effectively while you are exercising. Achieving in this way lower levels of fatigue, higher level of performance and lower risk of injury.

– After exercising:

Right after finishing sports, we open what we could call the protein window, where the body, having exhausted the proteins that the body had previously had, will more easily assimilate the proteins ingested. Much of the proteins ingested will be used to repair exhausted muscles and regenerate new tissues.

It is considered that this famous window, lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.

To conclude, taking protein before or after exercise will depend on what you want to achieve and the goals you have. If you are thinking about creating muscle mass, the best will be a combination of both, putting more emphasis on your intake after exercise, and not exceeding a daily limit. In the same way if you do sport and have more balanced goals the best is a combination of both options, emphasizing that your body has a balanced level of protein before playing sports.

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