October 2, 2022

The Best Cheap Business Cards You Can Get Online

Although your business card is an important part of your business, it is also an expense. So, you may want to look around for cheap business cards to hand out to prospective clients in Calgary, at the end of business meetings, or at trade shows anywhere in Canada [1]. However, quality is important for your business cards. Therefore, what you are really looking for are not cheap business cards, but rather great business cards for cheap prices. At Calgary Economy Printers we create business cards that leave a lasting impression and continue to function as marketing tools long after you have handed them out. And, we do so at economical business card printing prices. Don’t accept a cheap business card unless “cheap” only refers to what you paid and not the quality of the work.

Can Cheap Business Cards be Effective Business Cards?

A poorly done business card will not help your business. In fact, a cheaply done business card will leave a negative impression that may last for years. However, there are ways to reduce printing card prices and get cheap business cards, or rather, basic business cards at cheap printing prices which still do the job. Ask us at Calgary Economy Printers about your options when designing and printing business cards. There are set costs like certain design elements and variable costs like the kind of paper stock we use, the choice of a simple black text on white or off-white paper versus laminated business cards, foil business cards, or cards that glow in UV light [2].

There are businesses that can make use of more exotic business cards and businesses that do just fine, thank you, with a basic business card. The bottom line reason you want to have a business card to hand out is to leave the recipient with a means of remembering your name, business, and contact information. Everything else about the card can be very impressive but you will not be able to include any more information than on basic cheap business cards or rather on basic business cards for affordable business card printing prices.

Finding High Quality, Inexpensive Business Cards vs Cheap Business Cards

We have customers who have had cheap business cards done elsewhere and then come to us at Calgary Economy Printers to get the job done right. Whether you have gotten Staples business cards or cards from any other large chain store operation, there is the risk of being overlooked, ignored, and being just another sale to rack up. At Calgary Economy Printers you will always be a valued customer. At our location in Northeast Calgary on Edmonton Trail N.E., we do not just provide printing companies Calgary but serve the printing needs of our community. Many of our services like black and white or full-color copies are done on a walk-in basis. This applies to get a fax sent to the many jobs we do printing carbonless office forms. We apply the same prompt attention to your need for affordable, cheap business cards and can always do them at the best prices around.

As a community business, we take pride in serving both our local Northeast clients and also clients from across the entire Calgary metro area. Don’t take your job to a large and often indifferent chain store. Bring your business card project to folks who will treat you as an individual and valued customer, providing you with excellent albeit cheap business cards done at always-low business card printing prices.

Quantity and Flexibility in Determining Business Card Printing Prices

How many business cards should you order? The cost per card is always less, for any business card design, if you order more. This is because the fixed prices of design and setup become less important as you print more and more cards. But, how many cards do you need? If you hand out a couple of thousand cards to business prospects every year during the Calgary Stampede, you will need to print that many. But, if your business is focused on a few good-paying clients, a hundred cards could last you a long time. Then, there is the issue of business expansion, a new office address, the addition of a business website or social media presence on Facebook. As your business grows and changes you will want to have business cards with all of your current information and not always be writing the extra information on the card as you hand it out. Those end up being truly cheap cards that leave a poor impression.

Talk to us at Calgary Economy Printers about how many cards to order, how likely it is that you will need to update your business card information and if you may, in fact, need different cards to promote different branches of your business as it grows! We have lots of experience printing business cards that do the job, cheap business cards that still leave a great impression, and always keeping your business card printing prices low.

Cheap business cards can hurt your business but great business cards printed economically keep your business costs down and do the job just fine. Come to Calgary Economy Printers where we pride ourselves in offering low business card printing prices.

The marketing manager at Calgary Economy Printers is Ardie Cash. Ardie wants you to know that low business card printing prices are an everyday part of doing business with the printer that serves the Northeast Calgary business community.

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