June 27, 2022

What Makes Melasma Keep on Recurring?


Finding skin care to treat melasma is often not enough. Many of those who experience melasma complain that their dark pigmented patches keep coming back. What actually makes melasma recur? There are several factors.

First is sun exposure. Ultraviolet rays stimulate skin cells to increase melanin pigment production. Dark-skinned individuals are more vulnerable to melasma. Even short, intermittent exposure to the sun without wearing an SPF15+ or greater sunscreen can make melasma worse. Even if you have successfully used skin care treatments to diminish melasma, the problem will keep recurring if you do not apply regular prevention. Thus, it is very important for anyone with melasma to use a broad spectrum SPF15+ or greater sunscreen on a daily basis.

Second is pregnancy. During pregnancy changed hormone levels can lead to melisma in some women. In most cases, the melasma is temporary, and will eventually disappear within a few months of giving birth. However, melasma will be likely to reappear with subsequent pregnancies and possibly with more intensity. Oral contraceptive pills can also cause changes in hormone levels that lead to melasma. Sometimes another method of birth control might be the only way to alleviate melisma.


Third are genetic factors. Regardless of gender, those with naturally dark pigmentation and with a family history of melisma will obviously have a greater possibility of recurrence of melisma after treatment. There is little that can be done to alter genetic factors. The best way to handle melasma is adequate prevention by applying sunscreen on a daily basis. Additionally, there are skin treatments provided by a skin and medical professionals which sometimes can reduce the hyperpigmentering of melisma.

Fourth are medications. Some medications, such certain antibiotics or medications for epilepsy, can aggravate melisma through increasing sensitivity to sunlight. If this is the case alternative medication might be sought. However, if noon-sensitizing alternative medications are not available most often it will more important to stay on the medication.

Melasma is a skin problem that that can be difficult to deal with. The effects of treatment can be variable. Some people can find an improvement over time solely with the regular application of an SPF15+ or greater sunscreen. Meanwhile, melasma can be a stubborn problem for others and not fully respond to any treatment. Either way, avoidance of sun exposure and daily application of an SPF15+ sunscreen will be needed.

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