October 2, 2022

Why you need it: Scientifically proven benefits of Whey Protein Water

1.Increased protein requirement in muscle building

For sure, but here again in black and white, the Journal of Applied Physiology confirms  an increased protein requirement of athletes in muscle building, because muscles are mainly made up of proteins. This need is much higher than what you eat with high-protein foods in a normal diet.

Adults in training should weigh 1.76 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (if you weigh 80 kilograms you should take about 140 grams of protein per day!

This requirement can be hard to cover with “normal food”, for 160 g you would have to eat almost 550 g of tuna or lean beef, so protein water are recommended as a cheap and fast source of protein.

Here you can estimate how much you need:

Protein requirement muscle building2.Biological value

The protein requirement is covered with additional proteins. Due to its composition, the whey protein water is ideal because it has a very high biological value. This indicates how well the proteins of the human body can be used DIRECTLY without having to be suitably “rebuilt”; reference is 100% total egg since it was the food with the highest known biological value at the time of term designation. Whey protein water has a biological value of 104 and is quite a bit above soy and casein.

Biological value of various protein sources3.Digestibility and bioavailability

Whey proteins coagulate in the stomach much finer flake than casein and lead to a soft Magenbrei, and therefore to a short residence time in the stomach and good digestibility. This is confirmed by the science: In a professional article in different groups of athletes muscle growth with different protein water supplements was examined. In summary, one could say:

“Whey’s protein intake resulted in higher levels of essential amino acids, branched-chain amino acid (BCAAs) and leucine in the blood as soybean or casein protein.”

Protein Water

Nothing gets as fast as whey!

Reference:  Ingestion of whey hydrolysates, casein, or soy protein isolates: effects on mixed muscle protein synthesis at rest and following resistance exercise in young men.  Jason E. Tang et al. 2009, Journal of Applied Physiology

4.Promote catabolism

But not only that amino acids come quickly where they are needed – Whey protein Water also acts as a messenger and promotes via special receptors in the body catabolism, and thus sets the whole organism on “Build” a.

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