October 2, 2022

10 Facts About The Chinese Language And Chinese Legal Translation

Chinese is a language that has been loved by its people for as long as it has existed. With a population of almost 1.39 billion and a growing economy with an average of 10% every year for the past 30 years, it is nothing surprising that the demand for Chinese legal translation is constantly growing.

To rejoice in the longevity of this language that is gaining more and more popularity every single day, we are here with some interesting facts about the ancient Chinese language and its exceptional progress.

       1. Chinese is one of the first written languages to exist

The Chinese language is the oldest to exist and has a history going almost 6000 years back. The written language, that is, the alphabetical system, was standardized in the third century BC. However, the spoken language has evolved over the years and is still developing.

       2. There are no tenses and cases in the Chinese language

Undoubtedly, the Chinese language is the one the most difficult languages to learn but its grammar is comparatively easier than the rest. It has no concept of gender, upper or lower cases, plurals, as well as tenses. This makes it easier for people to get a grip on the language, but the spoken language still increases the difficulty, anyway.

       3. The pronunciation of a word really affects the meaning

As mentioned above, the spoken Chinese language is very tough on new learners. The grammar may be easy but the tones and pronunciations of words are very complex and one wrong tone can completely alter the meaning of your sentence or phrase. This is what makes audio Chinese legal translation even more than getting written documents translated.

You cannot get this job done by an unprofessional; therefore, you need to hire professional translation services to get the best quality of work. Only professional legal translators will communicate your message in the right context and in the right time frames.

       4. There are more than 80,000 alphabets in the Chinese language

Unlike the English language, the Chinese language has over 80,000 alphabets. However, only around 4000 are in regular use for everyday spoken language.

If you were planning to learn it, but this discouraged you, don’t worry. There is a simpler version of the language that is especially available for foreigners who are willing to take a grip of the Chinese language.

       5. The Chinese language has the most speakers on the globe

Yes, you read that absolutely correct. The Mandarin Chinese has the most native speakers up till now; there are almost 955 million of those on the globe today.

In fact, it tops even the number of native speakers of the Spanish language, which is around 405 million. The Chinese are not only excelling in industrialization but are on top of the world when it comes to language, too.

The Chinese language has a very rich history and is one of the most intriguing languages currently spoken on the planet. Since China is constantly growing in industrialization as well as the economy, the language is predicted to gain even more importance. If you are soon to go into business with a Chinese firm, you must be looking for translation services. Book your appointments with a professional translation agency and you will be all set to go.

Now that you have read some interesting facts about the Chinese language, you must be wondering about Chinese legal translation because of its growing value. Well, as mentioned above, you know where to book your appointments at!

What Is Chinese Legal Translation And Why Is It So Important?

If you are someone who doesn’t know what Chinese legal translation is, you must have found the whole blog confusing. Legal translation is the translation of documents, both personal as well as business, required by the law. Now, as we have established the fact that Chinese is the most widely spoken language as a mother tongue, we know its demand for Legal translation JLT is already more than any other language and is even growing every single day.

There are many individuals and companies who will offer you to do your legal translations for you, but if you are wise enough, you would know legal translation is not a piece of cake. When you are translating legal documents, you need to take every little thing into consideration, be it the cultural background of a word, semantics of a phrase, or the literal meaning of something. Legal translation is beyond what meets the eye and only a trustworthy legal translation service provider should be trusted with this job.

If you hire a non-professional or rely upon computer software to translate your legal documents for you, you might as well stand at your doorstep with open arms for wrongful lawsuits. Yep, just one word wrong, and you will be dealing with a pile of lawsuits that have absolutely no basis but only exist because of the misinterpretation of a difficult word or phrase.

In addition to that, another reason why you should never trust anyone with your legal translations is that it is not about any other document. Privacy and secrecy of the documents is a key element when it comes to legal translation. You can never hire multiple translators because that will only increase your risk of exposure.

Therefore, in a nutshell, legal translation is a very sensitive matter and you should treat it the right way. If you want to save your money and time, you should do it by finding a trustworthy service that is a bit lighter on the pocket and not by trusting a random individual or software.

To find the best services at the best prices for Chinese legal translation, you can contact us as we will not only satisfy you but get your job done in the best possible way!

Chinese is the most widely spoken language as a mother tongue and its increasing influence is resulting in a higher demand for Chinese legal translation services. There are some fun facts about the language that interest people in learning it and participating in it even more!

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