October 2, 2022

Services of GOSB Legal Translation Abu Dhabi

gosb legal translation abu dhabi

Arabic is the official language of the UAE. Your documentations would not be acceptable for use in mostly ministries or official departments if they didn’t go through the process of official gosb legal translation Abu Dhabi in both Arabic and English language.

Why Do We Need Gosb Legal Translation Abu Dhabi And Dubai?

Nowadays, legal translation has become the strength of your official processes, without which there may be plenty of barriers and difficulties for the completion of your legal proceedings.


If you have any contract signed between 2 or more than 2 parties, then it is obligatory for signing this agreement in the notary public properly created or drafted in Arabic and English followed by legalization. Moreover, it has to be stamped legally by the ministry of justice and the court.

There are several kinds of documentation that should be translated legally like:

  • Memorandum
  • Power of attorneys
  • Wills
  • Articles of associations

Gosb legal translation Abu Dhabi has become much more essential for your process of visas in UAE.

According to the ministry of labor’s new rule, the experienced workers have to get their degree attested legally by the authorities and it should be legally translated into Arabic as well. So, if you are going to have an interview and that company is going to process your visa, you have to make sure that you have the entire attestations done.

Further, the legal translation of your degree has also been completed in Arabic in order to avoid all sorts of problems in your visa issuance. In general, if you are a foreigner, you would prefer the drafting of any contract in both Arabic and in the English language.


You have preferences for making the contract of local agent for foreign company branch in English, but it is essential to say that without Arabic, this contract will not be authorized at all. So, you will have to get the same thing done in Arabic and validate the same thing by the ministry of justice or the court-approved legal translator to avoid any sort of rejection by the notary public department.

Why Is It Obligatory To Have A Legal/Official Translation?

Details of documentation for which legal translation may be needed in most cases are as follows:

  • Revocation of power of attorney
  • Legalization of partnership agreements
  • Signature authorization and power of attorney
  • Local service agent
  • Local service agent’s termination with the changing agent
  • Individual of employment contract
  • The employment contract of servants, nursemaids or equivalent driver
  • Revocation of limited power of attorney
  • Special power of attorney concerns a company, vehicles or an establishment
  • Termination of the contracts of local service agent with license cancellation
  • Power of attorney, which concerns adjudication, shares and land
  • Appeal for withdrawal from the power of attorney
  • Revocation of service agent contract and trade agency agreement
  • The unique power of attorney civil status
  • Declaration of debt
  • Revocation of an agent contract of a foreign company
  • Monthly income’s declaration
  • Declaration of case waiver
  • Special employment contract
  • Company contract of a limited liability
  • Conciliation and subcontract agreement
  • Contract of trading assignment or license sale
  • Contract of a public joint-stock company
  • Simple restricted partnership contract
  • The capital increase, capital decrease and partner withdrawal contract addendum
  • Joint venture company contract
  • Appointment contract of a trade agent
  • Restricted partnership with shares contract

Why Do We Require Certified Translation in Abu Dhabi?

We offer professional certified translation, which is also referred to as authenticated translation of all sorts of official documentation delivered in the United Arab Emirates and in other countries as well like university degrees, high school certificates, driving license, diplomas, terms of services, non-disclosure agreements, user agreements, tender forms and more.

Our certified translation is definite to be 100% perfect and correct, which can be used for serving the purpose in state and federal agencies, immigration offices, lawyers, and academic institutes.

We are popular all over in UAE, for certified translation in Abu Dhabi and other emirates as well as for plenty of language pairs which involves following but they are not only limited to these:

  • English to Arabic certified translation
  • Ukrainian to Arabic certified translation
  • Dutch to certified Arabic translation
  • Afrikaans to certified Arabic translation
  • Swahili to certified Arabic translation and plenty of more languages provided by our agency

All of our certified translation fulfills the standards of government, immigration offices, diplomatic, semi-governmental and other official authorities which are based abroad, UAE and in Abu Dhabi.

What Are The Services Our Certified Translators Can Offer You?

For instance, when you appeal for citizenship in any region, your selected consultants of immigration will most probably need a copy of your private documentation for official translation in the language of a country you are going to apply for citizenship or permanent residency like;

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Marriage certificates
  3. Educational degrees
  4. Police clearances

Our company is known to be the most famous certified translation company in Abu Dhabi when it is the matter of official translation submission in the particular immigration offices or diplomatic authorities.

With our wide experience of certified translation, your documentation can be translated correctly and exactly for any purpose. Moreover, we are recognized as a worldwide company which has had the tradition of great client retention because of our assurance to our word.

We are a team of native professionals with almost more than twenty years of experience. Therefore, our certified translators are accordingly accredited and certified by the concerned government departments and ministries with outstanding talents in translating your documents in accordance with the procedures of the respective authorities.

Authenticated Translation Services

This sort of translation is normally required by the customers to ensure the perfectness, correctness and accuracy in the target language. So, the certified translation is attested accordingly by the company with our company’s legal signatures, seal and then finally printed on our company’s letterhead.

It ensures the pleasure of our client that we have translated their gosb legal translation Abu Dhabi task under our best knowledge without any mistakes and any errors. Further, in this way, our company carries the entire responsibility for the translation of your data accurately and professionally.

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