October 2, 2022
Legal Translation Service in Abu Dhabi

You may get the best legal translation services in Abu Dhabi with our professional online translation website. Moreover, in calculating the number of words and the price of translation of various clinical and medical files, as well as legal and official papers, our digital system uses the most up-to-date technical methods. 

Our major goal in Dubai is professional translation services. Therefore, all parts of Abu Dhabi are served, including Khalifa, Sas Al Nakhl Island, Yas Island, Zayed, Reem Island, Al Ain, and others. Further, our office has a large number of professional organizations as well as specific consumers who have relied on our services and our expert staff of Abu Dhabi translators.

With Protranslate, you can rest assured that your documents will be converted in a professional, official, and legal manner in our registered translation facility in Abu Dhabi. So, appreciate the finest prices, which are comparable to market prices.

Significance of legal translation services in Abu Dhabi

Many developments have occurred in this contemporary era, which includes technological advancements, changes in how individuals do business, and, most critically, changes in legal documentation. Therefore, many new services have been introduced in recent years, and people and business owners have banded together to practice them or even hire them to make ends meet.

Every transaction that takes place nowadays is governed by several sections of the law, making everything a legal concern. Even though all of these legal matters can be handled anywhere in the world, there is one legal aspect that requires expert assistance, which is legal translation.

A language issue can be a concern in any country, and you can use our legal translation services in Abu Dhabi to tackle this problem. So, legal papers or formats can be used to create such a barrier. Moreover, translation from one language to another is simple with our translation services in Abu Dhabi, and it makes it easier for the document to match itself in the foreign jurisdiction.

What is the process of legalization?

Legalized or attested/certified translations are generally referred to as “Legal translations” in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the terms “Legal Translator” and “Legal Stamp” are also commonly used in the UAE. Further, they basically correspond to the concept of “Certified/Sworn translators/translations” in Western culture. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice are the bodies in charge of certifying translations.

For legal translations, there are two possibilities.

  1. Documents issued outside of the United Arab Emirates and destined for Abu Dhabi, Dubai or other Emirates.
  2. Documents destined for another nation and issued in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or other Emirates

How do translation services work in Abu Dhabi?

First and foremost, check to determine if the translation agency is approved by the Ministry of Justice. To begin with, our legal translation services in Abu Dhabi comprise the translation’s quality and correctness.

Finest Legal Translation Service in Abu Dhabi

And, if you engage a competent and well-certified business or a translator to work on your documentation, getting an accurate document that speaks or notifies the original message becomes much easier. So, when translating a legal document from one language to another, a high level of comprehension and excellent linguistic abilities are required read more.

While translating a specific or particular document, our team is familiar with legal terms that help to preserve the original document and other legal systems in mind.

Proud for being certified translators in Abu Dhabi

We are an Abu Dhabi-based legal translation company that has been authorized and approved by the Ministry of Justice in UAE and other UAE government agencies as well, which is trusted by high-profile clients. However, we are here to provide you with certified legal translation services with honesty, integrity, and up to industry standards, so you don’t have to worry about your highly privileged, sensitive, or classified papers. 

Legal translation services in Abu Dhabi

Some of the certified services performed by our authorized legal translators are as follows:

  • Legal translation of laws and legislations
  • Financial statement’s legal translations
  • Legal translations of insurance papers
  • Translation of summons and legal notices
  • Legal translation of articles of association and memorandum 
  • Judgements and court’s orders legal translation
  • Conversion of tenders and bids 
  • Translation of cheques and invoices 
  • Language conversion of trusts and wills 

Why do we require legal translation in Dubai?

In today’s advanced cultures, legislation governs every area of daily life. Further, every arrangement and transaction, whether personal or business-related, is written in legally binding documents. Such legal papers are sometimes written in one language and must be translated into another for legal use in a foreign jurisdiction, necessitating the usage of legal translation services.

Due to the legal implications and repercussions of such legal documents, the legal translation Dubai must be certified and authorized by an official authority which includes the Ministry of Justice, and it must be a good and accurate reflection of the original document with no room for errors, as mistakes could cost you a lot of money and effort in court.

As a result, your papers’ certified legal translation Abu Dhabi must be left to a focused, devoted, and enthusiastic legal translator who has been certified by the Ministry of Justice in UAE.

Why should you choose a translation firm in Abu Dhabi?

This is because such an organization works in a way that legal translations for documents such as pleadings, decrees, public and contracts, police prosecution reports, summons, expert reports, court judgments, and resolutions, legal notices are accurate. Meanwhile, all of these translations are carried out under a recognized civil law framework which is known by the government of UAE as well.

Other crucial documents that our legal translation services in Abu Dhabi translates include death, birth, marriage certificates, and, most importantly, driving licenses. Similarly, by keeping all of these benefits in mind, our team’s translation services in Abu Dhabi also tend to deliver on time, with the utmost secrecy and correctness.

We all know that hiring typical translation agencies to translate our documents into a different language might be disastrous. Therefore, the stakes are significant since the document’s significance may be jeopardized. Further, with our team and legal translation services in Abu Dhabi, we guarantee the accuracy, which is the main goal of translation because it is what determines the outcome of the document.

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