October 2, 2022

About Us

Nonprofits frequently want to know that their vendors are “good” companies. B Corporations are values-driven companies. They are dedicated to pursuing social and environmental bottom lines while also being sustainable businesses. They have been independently vetted and verified by a third party as beneficial companies. As such, nonprofits can feel confident that the money they spend with B Corporations has positive social and environmental impacts.

Our B Corporation members are varied but all primarily serve non-profit organizations, with more than 50% of their revenue or 50% of their clients consisting of non-profits.

  1. B Corps are not like other companies. We are social entrepreneurs with “do-gooder missions” similar to — and complementary with — nonprofits’ vital missions.
  2. B Corps like ours proudly focus on serving nonprofits like yours as our primary clients. Nonprofits are not a “sideshow” to us. You are our “Main Event!”
  3. As B Corps, we have committed to “walk the walk,” not just “talk the talk,” of social responsibility. We do this by meeting or exceeding a set of specific, measurable B Corporation standards, including workplace diversity, carbon neutrality, recycling and waste reduction, donating a portion of our profits to good causes, etc.